We have some fantastic brewers attending with their beers and ciders.

Brothers Cider
Parma Violet 4% - Made by 4 brothers in Somerset. Making distinctive fruit ciders that deliver bold and intriguing flavours that think outside the bottle. Brothers Parma Violet cider is a delicate flavour of sweet violets with a subtle hint of floral notes. Be unconventional. Serve chilled over ice. Rhubarb and Custard 4%- This unique combination delivers the flavours of crisp, tangy rhubarb and smooth, creamy custard. Curiously original. Serve chilled over ice. Wild Fruit 4%- Born in the most famous field in the world, Glastonbury marked the beginning of an inspiring journey. Wild fruit was first created by festival goers mixing our other flavours together. Bursting with berry flavours. Cider for free spirits. Strawberry and Kiwi 4%- A blend of juicy Strawberries and crisp Kiwi juice delivering a delicious, clean and refreshing taste. Perfect for hot summer days.
Mallet Cider Original 5% abv
A thirst quenching medium dry apple cider forged from the juice of freshly pressed bittersweet apples selected from our Somerset orchards.
Mallets Cider Dark Fruit 4% abv
A refreshing blend of Mallets Original cider with natural blackcurrant and blackberry flavours, ready to quench the toughest of thirsts.
Cheddar Ales Crown and Glory Premium Bitter 4.6% abv
Brewed using a blend of the finest English Pale ale, Maris Otter, Crystal and Cara malts with a little bit of added Wheat. To that, we have infused a wonderful concoction of Simcoe, Cascade, Bramling Cross and Savinjski Golding whole hops that gives the beer a hop character that will delight even the most hardened hophead. Medium bodied with a hint of sweetness gives the hops a nice balance that also allows the malt flavours to shine through.
Cheddar Ales Gorge Best Bitter 4.0% abv
A distinguished best bitter with warm malt flavours and a clean bitter finish. Brewed using the highest quality Pale ale, Maris Otter, Wheat, Crystal and Roasted malts and hopped with a blend of Challenger, Goldings and East Kent Goldings whole hops.
Cheddar Ales Potholer Golden Ale 4.3% abv
Award-winning golden ale with zesty fruit flavours and a rounded, hoppy finish. By far the best selling beer at Cheddar Ales. Brewed using the highest quality Pale ale, Maris Otter, Wheat and Crystal malts and hopped with a blend of English Challenger and Slovenian Styrian Goldings whole hops.
Cheddar Ales Karst Amber Ale 4.9% abv
Karst Amber Rye is brewed using Munich, Cara and Rye malt over a base of Maris Otter. Hopped with Bramling Cross, Calypso, and Mosaic. Ripe stone and tropical fruit flavours and a spicy kick from the rye balance the strong malt character of this twist on a classic American recipe.
Cheddar Ales Goat's Leap Indian Pale Ale 5.5% abv
Full-bodied, strong with a striking bitter finish. A big beer brimming with hop character. Brewed using the highest quality Pale ale, Maris Otter, Wheat, Crystal and Cara malts and hopped with a blend of English Goldings, Challenger and Fuggles whole hops. A proper English IPA.
Fine Tuned Ale Hop Culture 5% abv
This golden ale is powerfully hopped with citra and amarillo. It is perfectly balanced with bitterness from the hops and sweetness from the malts – created for your hoppiness!
Fine Tuned Langport Bitter 4% abv
This traditional bitter was brewed specially for our Langport area community. Fine Tuned Brewery is proud to be Local!
Fine Tuned Pitch Perfect Amber Ale 3.8% abv
Hoppy seasonable Amber Ale, hopped with Citra and Amarillo giving this beer a citrusy flavour.
Fine Tuned Sunshine Reggae American Pale Ale 4.2% abv
A true to style American Pale Ale. Very hoppy with bags of character. A favourite at the brewery.
Fine Tuned Ale Spring Drop
New beer being introduced at the Wells Beer and Cider Festival!
Pitchfork Ales Pitchfork Golden Ale 4.3% abv
A golden bitter with floral citric hop aroma. It has a predominantly hoppy taste which is slightly sweet and fruity. It definitely leaves you wanting more!
Pitchfork Ales East Street Cream 5% abv
Premium chestnut ale. Full-bodied, malty, hoppy fruit bitter with a sweet taste. Complex and well crafted.
Pitchfork Ales PG Steam English Ale 4% abv
This complex multi-layered ale has a floral hop aroma with a medium bodied hop, bitter taste with some fruit and sweetness.
3D Beer Down Under Australian Pale Ale 4% abv
Fair dinkum! This is one absolute ripper of a beer! An Australian pale ale that’s hoppier than a ‘roo and designed to drank! Awesome aroma and flavour from the simply stunning Australian hops send your taste buds in a spin that a Tasmanian Devil would be proud of.
3D Beer Sheridan's Irish Coffee Milk Stout 5% abv
Named after the chef who invented Irish Coffee, Sheridan’s is a silky smooth milk stout. It explodes with bold flavours of coffee, whisky and vanilla to give a true flavour experience. We used real Irish Whisky and coffee in the making of this to give it a stunning flavour.
Tricky Cider Traditional Medium Cider 5.5% abv
Our signature cider which is a blend of 3 popular Somerset cider apples. Pressed in 2016, this cider is a vintage drop and continues to improve with age. Crystal clear and light with flavours of soft hay and apple tannins, great as a dry or medium cider. Apples come from: Hemyock & Baltonsborough.
Tricky Cider First Drop 6.5% abv
Pressed from a blend of 4 early variety apples; Morgan Sweet, Bulmers Norman, Buttery Door and Tom Putt. Straw coloured with a rich and balanced bittersweet apple flavour. Apples come from Low Ham near Langport & Wick near Glastonbury.
Tricky Cider Crimson King 7.5% abv
Smooth and rich with a scent of vanilla and a gentle bite to finish. This Crimson King single variety heralds from a cluster of 8 majestic trees on the slopes of Pennard Hill near Glastonbury.
West Croft Cider Janet's Jungle Juice 6% abv
A Medium Dry, clean, fresh, fruity cider with a golden haze. Full bodied and exquisitely quaffable.
West Croft Cider
Dry Cider 6.5% abv- A genuine honest farmhouse Dry cider, made only from our cider apples with nothing added. A smooth rounded appley taste with a dry cider bite. Sweedium Cider 6% abv- A beautiful blend of our Sweet and Medium (get it?). A good half-way house for those with an 'inbetweenie' palate. Farmhouse Sweet Cider 6% abv- Pleasantly sweet, yet still fruity and balanced. Similar in body, and a great alternative to a dessert wine. Ideally suited to those with a sweet tooth.